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Smart-UPS C Series FAQ
... Slot and cannot support a Network Management ... ... ratings on the power and load attached ... What mounting hardware do the ... SMC rack mount units ship with a rack mount brackets that are compatible ... Users that desire more stability with a 4 post rack can purchase a 4 post rack mount rail kit, part number su032a separately. ... - Press and hold the Power Button for 6 seconds ... (Note: You do not need to turn output power off if adjusting sensitivity via software)
EcoAisle Adjustable Mounting Support Submittal Drawing
Issue: EcoAisle Adjustable Mounting Support Submittal Drawing.
What Services and or Warranty are available for an EcoAisle
• Air Return / Ducted install service • SE will assemble and mount the adjustable mounts and the base frame onto the racks
What's the vertical mounting rail depth for the NetShelter SX cabinets?
Issue: Customers need to know the adjustable depths of the NetShelter mounting rails.
InfrastruXure (ISX) Manager Reports "Bank" Current as "Phase" Current for Certain Rack PDUs
For certain single phase Rack Mount Power Distribution Units with multiple banks of outlets, the ISX Manager will list their current by "phase ...
What values should I expect from OID rPDULoadStatusLoad on my Rack PDU 1G?
This will have different meaning across different types of rack mount power distribution units.
Cross Site Scripting & Forgery Issue (XSS/CSRF) in NMC-Based Products
While the reported issue was specific to the Rack Mount Power Distribution device, this issue exists across the family of
What are the Minimum and Maximum mounting depths for Smart-UPS rails?
The rails are adjustable to allow for a range of different sized racks.
Data Center Expert | Getting Started
Deploying the Physical Data Center Expert Appliance Follow the installation instructions provided with the appliance for Rack Mounting and Powering the appliance.
Mounting a standard Smart-UPS in a WX series enclosure
The front mounting brackets of the Smart-UPS can then be secured to the front rail of the WX enclosure as usual.

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