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Can I mix old and new batteries in a Smart-UPS?
For example, an APC Smart-UPS SRT 5000 system with ... cartridge for the UPS and two battery cartridges for the external battery pack ...
Does my Smart-UPS have Equipment Protection Policy (EPP) coverage?
Does my Smart-UPS have Equipment Protection ... Smart-UPS , Smart-UPS Online ... on many 120v UPS Systems and Surge ... All Smart-UPS and Smart-UPS Online products include ... ... volt Line Interactive Smart-UPS offer EPP coverage ... Smart UPS models that do ... All Smart-UPS Online models. ... SURTA, or SRT ... in 200v, 208v , 230v, ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... not your particular UPS features EPP coverage ... If you need to open an EPP claim for your UPS , please contact your local Tech Support Team for assistance.
Why is there no serial cable included with my new Smart-UPS srt5kva -10kva
... longer included with Smart-UPS srt5kva - 10kva ... Smart-UPS SRT ... , SRT5KRMXLT- IEC , SRT5KRMXLW- ... , SRT5KXLT- IEC ... , SRT6KRMXLT- IEC , SRT6KXLI, ... , XRT6KXLT- IEC ... , SRT8KRMXLT- IEC , SRT8KXLI, ... , SRT8KXLT- IEC ... , srt10rmkxlt- IEC , srt10kxli, ... , srt10kxlt- IEC , ... -waste, APC ™ by Schneider ... with the above Smart-UPS ™ models ... /www. apc .com/ ... /ask_ apc .cfm You can find this information on the back of the UPS , a sticker ...
How do I upgrade my Smart-UPS firmware with no firmware image bundled with Firmware Upgrade Wizard v4.2?
... for the following UPS devices: SRT Family: ... , srt3000rmxlw- IEC , srt3000xli, ... , srt3000xlw- IEC , dlrt3000rmxla, ... Smart -PMU: If your UPS is mentioned in ... APC Technical Support to assist with upgrading your UPS firmware for the above UPS devices. ... on the APC website – select “Wizards & Configurators” from the Filter by > Software / Firmware ... APC website ... The Firmware Upgrade Wizard will automatically suggest the compatible firmware for your UPS . ... Or, turn on the UPS and access the LCD screen and navigate to About > UPS Firmware ... APC Technical Support
Video: How do I configure a 208v Smart-UPS RT or SRT for use with a 240v input?
The following video demonstrates how to configure the output voltage of Smart-UPS Online SRT Series via the display:
Do APC Network Management Cards (and Network Management Card embedded devices - Rack PDU, etc) support 1000mbps Ethernet connections?
... , AP89XX), Certain Audio/Video Network Management Enabled products, Smart-UPS Online ( SRT ).
Why can't I connect to my APC Network Management Card or embedded Network Management Card using a serial connection?
... (AP44XX), Certain Audio/Video Network Management Enabled products, Smart-UPS Online ( SRT ).
Global Leap Second Impact on APC Network Management Card products
... , AP89XX), Certain Audio/Video Network Management Enabled products, Smart-UPS Online ( SRT ).

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