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Using surge strips with APC's Back-UPS and Smart-UPS products.
... strips with the APC Back-UPS and APC Smart-UPS product families? ... -UPS and Smart-UPS ... -UPS and Smart-UPS ... strip or extension cord being plugged into ... output of any APC Back-UPS and Smart-UPS products. ... protector into your UPS : ... load from the UPS , causing the UPS to report a ... ... inadvertently overload their UPS . When the UPS switches to battery ... ... output of your UPS , we recommend ... ... , while the UPS will filter the ... Plugging your UPS into a surge ...
What accessories are available for the "SURT" series of Smart-UPS Online UPS Systems?
... " series of Smart-UPS Online UPS Systems? Smart-UPS Online ... SURT series of Smart-UPS includes a variety ... APC Smart-UPS RT 208/ ... APC Smart-UPS RT 3/ ... APC Smart-UPS RT 15ft Extension ... APC Smart-UPS RT 3000va, ... APC Smart-UPS RT 208v 3000 ... APC SMART-UPS RT 208v 8 ... 10kva BACKPLATE KIT W / (2 ... APC Smart-UPS RT 5/ ... Splitphase Models) 120v PDU KIT with ... APC Smart-UPS RT 5/ ...
Does my Smart-UPS have Equipment Protection Policy (EPP) coverage?
Does my Smart-UPS have Equipment Protection ... Smart-UPS , Smart-UPS Online ... products on many 120v UPS Systems and Surge ... All Smart-UPS and Smart-UPS Online products include ... Surge Protection and line filtering. ... All 120 volt Line Interactive Smart-UPS offer EPP coverage ... Smart UPS models that do ... All Smart-UPS Online models. All line Interactive models designed ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... not your particular UPS features EPP coverage ... If you need to open an EPP claim for your UPS , please contact your local Tech Support Team for assistance.
Video: How do I upgrade the firmware on an APC Network Management Card (NMC) or NMC embedded device (Rack PDU, etc)?
UPS Network Management Card v3.X.X Firmware for Smart-UPS and Matrix w /AP9617/8/9 installed or
Why is my equipment dropped or rebooted while connected to my Smart-UPS?
... Equipment connected to Smart-UPS drops or reboots ... Smart-UPS ... attached to a Smart-UPS can be dropped ... - A UPS with a weak ... Every Smart-UPS has a " ... ... failure which the UPS self test may ... ... result in unexpected UPS behavior including load drops and the UPS turning off: - Each UPS is limited in ... ... number of the UPS tells you the ... ... determine if your UPS is capable of ... please use our UPS Selector Tool at ... plugged into the UPS , but the ... . If the UPS and surge strip ...
Why can't I use a domestic model APC UPS on a ship
Cause: Standard North American Smart-UPS are designed for a 3 wire input comprised of a 120v Hot, Neutral, and Ground.
Battery Age and UPS Age shown incorrectly in StruxureWare Data Center Expert.
Please note that this should affect all APC UPS models and not just the Smart-UPS line .
What is AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)?
Product Line: Line -R, Back-UPS, Back-UPS PRO, Smart-UPS and APC AV.
Why can't I use an international model SU, SUA, SUM, SMT, or SMX series Smart-UPS in North American 208v or 120v environments?
The receptacles on the back are iec320s; an international standard, and there is no input power cord included on the smaller units.
What are the various generations of Smart-UPS Products?
... of single phase Smart-UPS Products? Smart-UPS ... a variety of Smart-UPS products in use ... ... Over the years APC has steadily improved ... ... refer to the apc .com product ... for your specific UPS . Current Products: Next generation Line Interactive Smart-UPS products Line Interactive topology ... Serial Port on UPS ) Smart -Slot for installation of APC Accessory Cards Next generation Line Interactive Smart-UPS products Line Interactive topology ... Serial Port on UPS ) Smart -Slot for installation of APC Accessory Cards ... Entry-Level Line Interactive Smart-UPS products

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