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Installing and setting up the EcoStruxure IT smartphone app
... StruxureOn applications and services have new names - EcoStruxure IT Gateway, EcoStruxure IT mobile app, and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor - and are now part of EcoStruxure , Schneider Electric's ...
Why Node-red embedded with Ecostruxure Augmented Operator Advisor stop few second after starting?
How to diagnotic When you start AOA, there is one MS-dos windows with a lot of information
Data Center Expert | How do hardware and software support contracts work?
... come with 2 years of factory hardware ... ... and any additional device packs must be ... ... total of 5 years , which includes 2 years of factory warranty ... Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 ... installation/configuration service of the systems ... ... the amount of Device Nodes Installed DCIM Assets website ... licenses and DCIM Assets may not match ... server in DCIM Assets but not yet ... 1 ) Open the ... ... Data Center Expert Device Pack. 1 ) A Base ... 1 Year Software Support SKU 3 Year Software Support SKU ... the Amount of Device Nodes Installed and ...
Data Center Expert | What virtualization environments are supported?
The most recent information on supported virtualization platforms can be found within the EcoStruxure IT Help Center at: ... The full-featured demo of the virtual appliance monitors up to five device nodes and one surveillance node. You can purchase a license key to upgrade to a production version to monitor additional device nodes and activate supported applications, or to migrate from a server hardware version to a virtual appliance.
Data Center Expert | Help Center account creation and product association
1 ) Log into ... ... Support Community or EcoStruxure IT Help Center ... ... Support Community or EcoStruxure IT Help Center ... : This account is not tied to any other Schneider Electric or APC accounts, which includes the DCIM Assets licensing portal. ... 5) After any upgrades, you will need to perform steps 1 -4 again to update your product version listed in the help center on your My Products page. ... 1 ) Navigate to the StruxureWare Help Center site at . ... : This account is not tied to any other Schneider Electric or APC accounts, which includes the DCIM Assets licensing portal.
Data Center Expert | Migrating from a Physical Appliance to a Virtual Appliance
1 ) You must purchase the AP94VMACT activation key to activate the free AP94VMTRL trial virtual machine. ... 3) Register the appliance following the instructions located within knowledge base . Note that if your previous server already has licensing on it (beyond the base 25 device nodes and 1 surveillance node) your will need to log into your existing ... DCIM Assets account.
StruxureWare and NetBotz product and license /passcode registration instructions are inaccurate
After logging in, there will be one or more groups on the left hand side. Clicking on this group allows you to see all devices in that group and it allows you access to the register asset button. To redeem a passcode, you must have an asset (ie.
Video: How do I register a passcode for NetBotz or StruxureWare?
1 ) Log into the DCIM Assets website at ... 2) Once logged in, navigate to the home tab and then select the device group on the left side. 3) Select Register Asset . ... : If your asset is already registered, you can click on it to verify the asset details to ensure the MAC address and serial numbers are correct. Skip to step 5 if your asset is already registered. ... 5) To the right of the asset select the options key and then redeem passcode.
How do I configure my RADIUS server to authenticate my APC Network Enabled device?
Data Center Expert | Troubleshooting SNMP Lost Communication to Third Party Devices
SNMP Lost Communication Troubleshooting 1 ) Within the Device View pane take note of the IP Address of the device that is in lost communication.

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