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Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Assessment Services ... Battery Replacement Services ... Installation Services ... MGE Service Bypass ... Network Integration Services ... On Site Service ... Planning Tools and Publications ... PowerChute plus ... Project Management Services ... Remote Monitoring Services ... Service Bypass Panel Service Plans Silcon Silcon Accessories Silcon Battery Systems ... Start-Up Service ... Training Services
Schneider Electric's Technical Support Policy for Older Versions of PowerChute Software
PowerChute Plus ... When new versions of software are released, Schneider Electric will continue to provide full technical support to customers for the previous version for a minimum of 1 year after the new version is released. In practice, Schneider Electric typically goes far beyond this stated commitment, but this 1 - year policy is stated here so customers may take it into account for planning purposes. ... PowerChute Plus (PC+) was discontinued March 2007
APC Security Advisory - Static Factory Password Vulnerability
... or device has one of these cards ... ... 210 212a 210 Silcon aos 105 dp3e ... rpdu 102 MasterSwitch Plus aos 116 msp ... 326b sy 326a Silcon all earlier revs ... ms 225a MasterSwitch Plus all earlier revs aos 258b msp 205a MasterSwitch VM all earlier revs aos 258b msvm 115a ... If you are not sure whether your UPS or device has one of these cards installed, examine the unit and look for the following faceplates and model numbers [Model number is circled]:
What are the Dynamic Load ratings and Shipping Load ratings for NetShelter CX cabinets?
Persons planning data centers need ... Static Load Weight Rating is the maximum weight of the cabinet, plus installed equipment (with the feet locked), in it's final location. ... This is the maximum allowable weight of equipment installed in the cabinet during movement from one location to another within the same data center. ... Example: a customer who wishes to move a cabinet from one row to another in a data center must remove equipment until the weight is equal to (or below) the Dynamic Load Rating before being moved.
Why isn't Daylight Savings Time (DST) working properly when using custom settings and Network Time Protocol (NTP)?
... ), Symmetra Single & Three Phase ... rpdu) and Silcon (dp3e) ... Network Management Card 1 devices (AP9617/AP9618/AP9619 ...
Video: How to Start your Silcon UPS
Resolution: The first step is to return utility power to the ups by turning the Q 1 switch on.
Video: How to adjust the contrast on your Silcon UPS
To adjust the contrast of your display, Hold down the number 1 button while simultaneously pressing the up or down button.
Video: How to Shutdown your Silcon UPS
Open all battery breakers (or fuses) Turn off the Q 1 switch
How can I adjust the number of battery packs on a Smart-UPS XL?
To adjust the number of battery packs via a Terminal session: 1 . Unload the PowerChute plus NLM (pwrchute.nlm)
RFC1628 MIB Compatibility with UPS Network Management Card 2 (ap9630/AP9631/AP9635)
... are named by an autonomous OID, upsAlarmDescr, to allow a single table to reflect well known alarms plus alarms defined by a particular ...

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