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What filter is being used for your InRow 300mm?

Published date: 11 June 2020

What filter is being used for your InRow 300mm?
Product line:
InRow 300mm Units
Data Center Cooling
The filtration of conditioned air is extremely vital to maintaining the clean, particle-free environment required by electrical equipment. The system uses a <20% efficiency ASHRAE 52.1, 12.7 mm (1/2 in) washable, deep loading, large dust-holding filter that meets HF-1 standards for electronics (MERV 1 per ASHRAE 52.2).

Model # of Filters Required
ACSC10x 1
ACRC10x 2
ACRD10x 2
ACRD20x 2
ACRA10x 2

x = various voltage range

Technical Specifications:

Net Weight:  3.90 lbs. (1.77 kg)
Maximum Height:  4.80 inches (122 mm)
Maximum Width:  38.80 inches (986 mm)
Maximum Depth:  13.00 inches (330 mm)
Shipping Weight:  3.90 lbs. (1.77 kg)
Shipping Height:  4.80 inches (122 mm)
Shipping Width:  38.80 inches (986 mm)
Shipping Depth:  13.00 inches (330 mm)

Note: The filter pn# W875-2010 ships as 2 filters when ordered.

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