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Netshelter CX Enclosures Shock Packaging

NetShelter CX

Schneider Electric is proud to extend "rack and stack" capabilities to the NetShelter CX product family. Shock absorbing pallet, unloading ramp, and impact resistant shell allow the NetShelter CX 18U and 24U enclosures to be safely loaded, transported, and installed with up to 700 lb (318 kg) and 800 lb (363 kg) of IT equipment respectively. Engineered, tested and approved for secure shipment, this capability is designed to help system integrators and their customers speed deployment of converged IT infrastructure solutions at the edge.

NetShelter CX - APC
Part Number: AR4018SP, AR4018SPX429, AR4018SPX431, AR4018SPX432, AR4024SP, AR4024SPX429, AR4024SPX431, AR4024SPX432

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