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Edge computing is designed to put applications and data closer to devices — and their users. While cloud computing drove the creation of mega data centres, edge computing brings distributed IT with an exponential number of micro data centres.

Find everything you need to know about the edge and its role in the digital transformation.


Solutions for any edge environment

Service a wide range of environments with a complete portfolio of integrated systems: traditional IT spaces, harsh or industrial areas, and office or commercial spaces.

Get certainty through visibility

Create visibility into remote sites with a cloud-based management platform that empowers you. Data-driven insights help you make business decisions with confidence.

Simple edge management

Operate at the edge with confidence. Use our global network of field service engineers and partners — enabled by EcoStruxure, the collaborative, IoT-enabled platform from Schneider Electric.

Design and deploy seamlessly

Rapidly launch with certified interoperability from our leading IT technology partnerships. Our global partner community helps you implement configured, pre-assembled, or turnkey solutions.

Speak to an edge specialist today.

Connect to our experts to help ensure your IT infrastructure can support your digital transformation.

EcoStruxure IT

A cloud-based platform that provides secure visibility of all your edge data centres — anywhere, anytime, any device.


Innovative solutions for UPSs bring compact, lightweight, long-lasting and sophisticated energy storage protection.

Physical security solutions

Our Micro Data Centres provide a physically and digitally secure solution — from basic to advanced— for IT at the edge.

Surround yourself with the right resources.

White Paper 277 "Solving Edge Computing Infrastructure Challenges" identifies successful deployment and management strategies for edge environments.

Work with an edge partner

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Access trusted research

Learn why edge computing is critical for your business objectives and what the best practices are for implementing a micro data centre solution.

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Edge computing enables digital transformation.

Meet user expectations by complementing these cloud-based resources — from compute power to storage and applications — in the digital transformation to improve the customer experience, streamline operations, and create new business opportunities.

That’s where edge computing comes in. Edge data centres help achieve higher bandwidth, lower latency, regulatory compliance around location, and data privacy.

Where is edge computing used? Here are just a few applications ...



Edge computing helps a school system boost uptime and reduce support costs.

Retail stores

Retailers use edge computing technology to improve the customer experience.

Digital hospitals

Modern healthcare facilities improve patient care and responsiveness.

Manufacturing companies

Edge IT can improve operational efficiency in the manufacturing and automation industry.

Edge computing expertise for your application

Our edge computing specialists are ready to guide you to the best solutions to support your business. Get in touch today!

Resilient edge computing solutions

Edge computing environments demand the same reliability and performance standards as large data centres.

  • What do we mean by Resiliency at the Edge?

    Learn why server rooms and edge closets dominate system availability, and how these mission-critical micro data centres — if not designed and managed correctly — could be your weakest link. Kevin Brown, SVP Innovation and CTO for Schneider Electric’s IT Division, explains in this video.

Three enablers of edge resiliency


Remote Management

Edge data centres are often dispersed “lights out” facilities, with little or no IT staff. Traditional remote management solutions can be costly and difficult to scale. Innovative cloud-based platforms provide:

  • Simplified remote monitoring and management
  • Real-time visibility of status anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Predictive analytics to ensure proactive service visits happen only when they are required

Physical Security

To prevent unauthorized access to IT equipment in edge data centres, proper physical security is critical, requiring three components:

  • Physical space monitoring with temperature and humidity sensors
  • Access control
  • Audio and video supervision with recording
Internet of Things

Rapid deployments

As companies plan a large number of edge data centre deployments, it’s important to ensure that they are standardized, repeatable, and rapid. This requires:

  • Pre-configured, integrated equipment — combining server, storage, networking, and software delivered in a single enclosure
  • Reference designs that specify the supporting racks, UPSs, PDUs, and cooling systems


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