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Whether to install a suction line drier or liquid line drier

Published date: 18 July 2020


Whether to install a suction line drier or liquid line drier


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All Air Cooled Units



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Remove contaminants from system



Installing a suction line drier in an ACRP DX is a tight fit, but possible.  The obvious benefit of a suction line filter drier is the added protection given the system if a burnout should occur. The filter will effectively prevent contamination resulting from the failure from traveling back through the suction line into the other parts of the system. This will minimize the contamination remaining in the system when the inoperative compressor is removed.  With this said, it is preferred to put the drier in the suction line.  If a technician cannot find a suitable suction line drier with replaceable cores to fit inside the ACRP, a liquid line drier would be fine.  It is ok to use an additional liquid line drier with replaceable cores.  This can be handy since a technician will have more room on the outside liquid line to install isolation valves to keep the downtime to a minimum when replacing cores.  The ACRP uses Danfoss liquid line drier pn # 023Z4581, 5/8" ODF SOLDER. You will need to find a small suction line filter drier.  


It is imperative for the technician to allow a minimum of 48 hours of unit operation before the liquid line filter-drier or the suction line filter-drier. After the cleaning procedure is completed, recheck in approximately one to two weeks to ensure that the system condition and operation is completely satisfactory.


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