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Do the NetShelter 2-post or 4-post racks have castor kits available?
If an a open frame rack design with castors is required please consider ar3100x617. This is a NetShelter SX with no sides or doors.
Can the ends of a NetShelter 2-post or 4-post rack be closed with panels?
Issue: The customer wants to close off the ends of their open rack for a clean look.
What is the minimum and maximum mounting depth for the SYAOPT1, and does it fit into the NetShelter 4-post rack?
Issue: Customers may want to make sure the SYAOPT1 will mount into a particular cabinet, especially our 4-post racks .
What size bolts are needed to floor mount the NetShelter 4-post rack?
... (19 mm) will fit through the floor mount holes of the NetShelter 4-post rack .
What spare parts are available for my NetShelter SX, VX, WX, AV, SV, Colocation, EP, ES, VS, 2-Post Rack, 4-Post Rack?
Product Line: NetShelter SX, NetShelter VX, NetShelter CX, NetShelter WX, NetShelter SV, NetShelter ES, NetShelter EP, NetShelter VS. Environment:
Mounting the Symmetra LX in a 2 post rack
How do I mount a Symmetra LX in a 2 post rack ? ... Symmetra LX ships with a 4 post rail kit only, however it is possible to safely mount the UPS system and any associated XR frames in a 2 post rack . ... (1) SYOPT12 must be purchased and used for each Symmetra LX mainframe or extended run (XR) battery frame that is to be mounted.
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
NetShelter ES Enclosures NetShelter Open Frame Rack Accessories
APC AV rack mounting rails are too long for my enclosure.
for mounting the APC S Type AV Power Conditioner with Battery, into any four post racks with depths ranging from 20"" to ...

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