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What is the range for Netbotz wireless sensor range?
Sensor Name Range Part Number NetBotz USB Coordinator & Router 100 ft-line of sight nbwc100u
Why does my wireless sensor pod nbpd0180 show an incorrect serial number when set up as a coordinator?
Wireless sensor pod 180 set as coordinator shows incorrect serial ... NetBotz NetBotz wireless sensor pod 180 ... ... you disconnect a wireless sensor pod that ... been connected via USB to the NetBotz appliance and configured as a coordinator and replace it ... pod, The NetBotz appliance will not ... ... make sure the NetBotz appliance properly shows ... ... loss from the router or end devices ... ... . Once the coordinator is disconnected go ... ... . Plug the coordinator back into the ... ... it as a coordinator again ( Wireless Sensor Pod 180 ... 4. Wait for the end devices and routers to report back into the coordinator and ...
NetBotz 750 | What parts come with the NetBotz 750?
... come with the NetBotz 750. NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 NetBotz 750 (all ... 1 NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 1 2 Wireless Coordinator & Router (nbwc100u) ... ... ) 1 11 USB -A to Micro USB -B cable ... Temperature/Humidity Sensor (AP9335TH) 1 Wireless temperature sensor (nbws100t) 1 Basement mount hardware kit (0M-814726) 1
NetBotz 750 | Physical Description
10 Wireless Sensor Coordinator USB Port with Wireless NetBotz USB Coordinator (nbwc100u) installed. Used with wireless sensors.
NetBotz wireless pod data loss if nbpd0180 coordinator is disconnected.
4. Wait for the end devices and routers to report back into the coordinator and they should come back online in the bot, ...
NetBotz 250 | Physical Description
... high threshold violation occurs for a temperature sensor.) 3 Wireless Sensor Network USB port with NetBotz USB Coordinator (nbwc100u) installed.
Wireless Sensor Pod 180 connected via AC-USB adapter may function as an End Device
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Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Mobile Notebook Stands ... NetBotz 200 NetBotz 300 NetBotz 400 NetBotz 500 NetBotz Access Control NetBotz Accessories and Cables NetBotz Central NetBotz Rack Access NetBotz Sensors ... Operations Mobile ... Router Cables ... Software for NetBotz Appliances ... Universal Mobile Device Batteries ... USB Adapters & Converters USB Cables USB Charging Cables USB Hubs ... Wireless

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