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NetBotz 250 | Physical Description
... -240 Vac/24 Vdc, part number ap9505i) to a NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150 .
NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 Sensor Pod and Remote Sensor events missing from “By Event” configuration page
... there are supported sensor pods ( Sensor Pod 150 /nbpd0150) or remote sensors (ap9520) connected to the Rack Monitor 250 appliance ...
Register Map For NetBotz 200 and 250 does not include external sensor pod sensors.
... Register Map For NetBotz 200 and 250 ... not include external sensor pod sensors . NetBotz ... out of the NetBotz 200 code. ... seen in the NetBotz 250. ... output for the sensors connected to the external 150 pod on the NetBotz 200. ... fine for these sensors and if using ... to output the sensor pods for the 200 ... The 250, beginning with AOS v6.5.0/nb250 v6.5.0, now includes support for remote sensors , external sensor pods , rack access, and wireless sensors .
NetBotz | Can I change the address on a NetBotz A-link sensor pod or rack access pod?
NetBotz Appliances (200, 250, 355, 450, 455, 550, & 570) NetBotz Sensor Pods (nbpd0150 & nbpd0155)
NetBotz 750 | Physical Description
... Link ports Provide communications and power to connected devices ( sensor pods , rack access pods , and temperature/humidity sensors with digital displays ...
NetBotz v3 | How do I configure location settings?
... Data Center Expert will only pull in the main location field of the Sensor Pods , Rack Access Pods , and wireless devices to display ...
Can not configure events for NetBotz 200 external sensor pods.
Issue: NetBotz 200 does not allow individual events to be configured on external sensor pod 150
What sensors are supported by the NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180 (nbpd0180) ?
NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 12 ft nbes0303 NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 62 in nbes0313 NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for Third Party Racks - 62 in nbes0312 NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for Rooms or Third Part Racks - 50 ft nbes0302 APC Temperature Sensor - 13 ft ... Temperature & Humidity Sensor - 13 ft ... the nbpd0180 AP9335TH NetBotz Temperature
How do I add my Netbotz Rack Access PX HID (part number AP9361) as a shared pod on my Netbotz device?
6) A window will appear displaying the shared pods. Select the Rack Access and select Sensors .
Can I physically interconnect multiple NetBotz devices?
You should never try to interconnect multiple NetBotz appliances through USB, A-link connections are only to be used for sensor pod 150 ...

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