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Can the split rear doors of a NetShelter SX, SV or VX cabinet be installed on the front of the cabinet, and can the front door be installed on the rear?
When moving the rear doors to the front you must also move one set of hinges from the rear to the front.
Can the NetShelter door be reversed to swing open from the opposite direction?
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Do NetShelter replacement doors include hinges and ground straps?
Issue: Customer ordering a door wants to make sure hinges and ground straps are included.
Which hole plugs are needed when NetShelter doors are removed?
Cause: The NetShelter doors have been removed, leaving holes from the hinge screws and the door handle latch (hasp).
How to remove door panels from a Network Air FM, ACFM, or ir40
3. Pull down on the spring-loaded hinge pin located in the top of the door .
Can split doors be installed on the front of a NetShelter SX, VX or SV cabinet?
The replacement door kit includes all of the necessary hardware, including hinges .
Are there illustrations of how to change the accessories on a NetShelter CX: ar4018, ar4018i, ar4024, ar4024i, ar4038, ar4038i?
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What spare parts are available for my NetShelter SX, VX, WX, AV, SV, Colocation, EP, ES, VS, 2-Post Rack, 4-Post Rack?
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The NetShelter CX doors are not aligned. Can they be adjusted?
Also, the doors may move slightly in transit. If this happens the hinges can easily be adjusted to fix this.

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