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Hardwiring to 120v, 208v, and 240v loads from a 208v/240v SmartUPS RT UPS
... addition to a selection of smaller 5kva plug in step-down transformers , APC manufactures 3 larger hardwire step-downs in 10kva and ...
Video: How to mount a Rack Mount Symmetra or Rack Mount Smart-UPS to a 2 Post Rack?
All 2U Step down Transformers (Including models bundled with SURT and SRT Smart-UPS Online Products) SURTRK2:
How do I hardwire 10kva and 20kva transformers in a 208/120 or 240/120 environment
... You will measure 208v from terminals 7 ... 9. The step-down transformer is not able to provide 2 120v hots that are ... degrees out of phase as you would ...
What accessories are available for the "SURT" series of Smart-UPS Online UPS Systems?
surt003 APC Smart-UPS RT 208/240 3 U Step-Down Transformer
Why does only one fan spin on my APC step down transformer (part numbers AP9626/27/28, SYTF2)?
Why does only one fan spin on my APC Step-Down Transformer (part numbers AP9621, AP9626, AP9627, AP9628 and SYTF2 ...
SYTF2 for use with Symmetra RM with 208vac Input and Output only
Product Line Symmetra Step-Down Transformers
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Stationary Power Distribution Units Step-Down Transformer
What are the basic troubleshooting steps for the Smart-UPS smc1000-2U / smc1500-2U ?
... the basic troubleshooting steps for the Smart ... UPS smc1000- 2U / smc1500- 2U ? smc1000- 2U / smc1500- 2U - All Serial ... ... with basic troubleshooting steps . ... has been shut down remotely through software ... Fault LED illuminates Possible Internal Fault Contact APC Support for further assistance. Take care to note the exact fault message on the LCD Display All LEDs are illuminated and the UPS is plugged into a wall outlet The UPS has shut down and the battery has discharged from an extended outage.
How is a single phase service bypass panel wired?
: If a step-down transformer must be used, it must be connected directly to the output of the service bypass panel.
Is there a 600v version of the ACRP unit available?
If you need to install it where 600v is used, you will need a step-down transformer .

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