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APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
All Product models , all serial ... Model ... Expansion A= Air Cooled E= Air Cooled Model Model ... In-Row Model Model ... Main A= Air Cooled Model ... ) A= Air Cooled Model AFX 1 = 1 Bay ... Bay 06 ( 1 Bay) 08 ( 1 Bay) ... ) A= Air Cooled Model ... CM 003 ( 1 T) ... ) A= Air Cooled E= Air Cooled w/Multicool R= Air Cooled w/Remote ... ... -230/ 1 /60 ... =277/ 1 /60
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Air Cooled Chillers ... Planning Tools and Publications ... PowerChute plus ... Project Management Services ... Service Plans
DAC, Cancoil Installation Manual
All Models Section 1 . Warranty and ... Air Cooled Condenser DAC Air Cooled Condensers For information ... Section 1 . Cancoil air-cooled condensers have been ... designed to provide years of reliable performance ... stable, efficient year round operation for ... ... be used if air-cooled quipment is located ... ... are based on 1 degree per 100 ... ... a rate of 1 ” drop per ... ... page 8) plus the evaporator charge plus the suction line ... ... a rate of 1 ” drop per ... ... and should have 1 additional trap per ...
Schneider Electric's Technical Support Policy for Older Versions of PowerChute Software
PowerChute Plus ... When new versions of software are released, Schneider Electric will continue to provide full technical support to customers for the previous version for a minimum of 1 year after the new version is released. In practice, Schneider Electric typically goes far beyond this stated commitment, but this 1 - year policy is stated here so customers may take it into account for planning purposes. ... PowerChute Plus (PC+) was discontinued March 2007
What are the Dynamic Load ratings and Shipping Load ratings for NetShelter CX cabinets?
Persons planning data centers need ... Static Load Weight Rating is the maximum weight of the cabinet, plus installed equipment (with the feet locked), in it's final location. ... This is the maximum allowable weight of equipment installed in the cabinet during movement from one location to another within the same data center. ... Example: a customer who wishes to move a cabinet from one row to another in a data center must remove equipment until the weight is equal to (or below) the Dynamic Load Rating before being moved.
Why do I need refrigerant traps in my piping?
All Air Cooled Cooling Units ... the riser by one pipe size to ... Figure 1 shows the proper method for reducing the pipe diameter for discharge risers. ... figure 1 ... , it is advised to always install a single trap at the base of the riser if the riser will be less than 20 feet. ... Over sizing discharge lines increases the initial cost of the project and can reduce the refrigerant gas velocity to a point where oil is not returned to the compressor. ... A: Schneider Electric does not require a discharge line muffler nor do we recommend one .
Audio Sensor Reading for Version 2 Appliances does NOT Correlate to Decibel Level
... For NetBotz version 1 (300/ ... /400) models , each unit ( 1 ... ... ) in Audio task represents 20 dB ...
What is ETL?
The methodology and tasks of ETL have been well known for many years , and are not necessarily unique to data warehouse environments: a ...
Carrier 30ra010-055 AquaSnap® Air-Cooled Chillers with ComfortLink™ Controls 50/60 Hz
Issue: Carrier 30ra010-055 AquaSnap® Air-Cooled Chillers with ComfortLink™ Controls 50/60 Hz
Universal Transfer Switch (UTS) – FAQ
Circuit 1 is tasked with powering the Convenience Outlet on the face of the UTS.

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