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Guidelines for installation of an acsc100, or acsc101
During the design of the data center , consider ease of entry for the equipment , floor loading factors, and accessibility to ducting and ...
Can I plug my APC Rack-Mount Power Distribution Unit (Rack PDU) into a feed receptacle located in the under floor plenum? (Also applicable to Configurable & Modular Power Distribution)
Yes, provided the installation conforms to NFPA 70 the National Electric Code requirements as stated in Article 645 Information technology equipment .
What are the Dynamic Load ratings and Shipping Load ratings for NetShelter CX cabinets?
... with the cabinet rating, the applicable ratings of any raised floor or other flooring installed in the data center should not be exceeded.
Can Data Center Expert post to a syslog server?
... &country=US&lang=EN&locale=en_US& id =fa316801
Data Center Expert | Remote repository data overwritten if two appliances are using the same share.
If you add a remote repository that is already in use by another DCE server, the repository. id
Data Center Expert | How do I update location information for a device?
3.X-5.X firmware (Web Interface > Administration > General > Identification )
Video: How do I customize short message e-mail alarm actions in Data Center Expert?
4) The subject and message fields can be customized using a defined list of macros, which are available on . - Identification Macros
What type of information is provided in an SNMP trap from StruxureWare Data Center Expert?
INFORMATIONAL: An ISXC Alarm exists. - The first argument is the unique ISXC alarm ID .

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