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Why is the Multi-Platform RASP Panel for APC and MGE products not communicating with the UPS

Published date: 07 August 2019

The Multi-Platform RASP Panel for APC and MGE products, model: QMSH33297, is not communicating with the UPS.

Product line:
Symmetra MW
Symmetra PX 250 / 500
Galaxy VM
Galaxy VX
EPS 7000
EPS 8000

All models, all serial numbers

This type of RASP panel was designed to work across multiple UPS and EBS product lines.  It uses the MODBUS protocols for communication.  As a result, proper configuration is critical for communication and operation.

Attached to this KCS is the installation manual.
  1. Verify proper Modbus wiring, 2 wire, or 4 wire.
  2. Web into the EGX150 in the RASP panel and poll the registers.  This will verify communication between the EGX150 and the NMC or MODBUS card of the UPS. For example, the AP9635 of the Symmetra PX, 4609 (input frequency), 4610-12 (input voltage), 4613-15 (input current), each should return their values.
  3. Each UPS and External EBS (if present) must have a unique slave address as follows.  (By default, it may be set to 1.

UPS Setting Value Slave addresses EBS #10 (If exists), UPS1 #11, UPS2 #12, UPS3 #13, UPS4 #14


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