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NetBotz Output Relay Label changes back to default after reboot

Published date: 20 July 2020


NetBotz Output Relay Label changes back to default after reboot.

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NetBotz version 4.6.4 and earlier


NetBotz Output Relay "Port Label" changes back to the default "Output(1)" or "Output(2)"


This issue has just recently been discovered in BotzWare version 4.6.4 and a few earlier revisions and should be fixed in an upcoming release.

In the meantime as a workaround, you can create a custom button type that is more descriptive. Normally the sensor would read something like:
"Switch (My Port Label)"
which after reboot, would change back to
"Switch (Output(1))"

If you add a custom switch or button type, you can leave the port as Output(1) and create a custom switch with a "Default Relay Output Label" something like the following:
"My Switch Output"
This would show up in the sensor view as:
"My Switch Output(Output(1))"
This configuration will survive a reboot.

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