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SRT Battery Detection

Problem: The UPS may not immediately report that a battery cartridge has been disconnected in the UPS or in a battery pack connected to the UPS

Product line: UPS models with SRT prefix
Note: This does not apply to SRTL3KRM1UC UPS models, or UPS models with SRTG prefix

Environment: All models, all serial numbers

Cause: When there are more than one battery cartridge installed in a system, and the UPS system is in on-line or standby state, a disconnected battery cartridge may not be reported immediately.

Resolution: This is normal operation and does not indicate an issue with the UPS or the batteries. When a battery cartridge is disconnected in a system with more than one battery cartridges, the SRT system detects the disconnected battery cartridge in the following states:
  • On battery, with load connected to the UPS
  • Self-test, with load connected to the UPS
When multiple RBCs are connected to the UPS and the battery charge state is full, then any RBC that is disconnected may be difficult to detect by the UPS because the charger current is too low.  If the load is <30%, the UPS may not recognize the battery disconnected.

The current RBC detection logic has some limitations, and the disconnection of a single RBC will not be shown on display immediately.

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