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Is there a quick fix for stuck screws on the vertical mounting rails of a NetShelter cabinet?

The screws on the vertical mounting rail will not loosen.

Product Line:
NetShelter Cabinets

All versions and serial ranges

Over-torqued rail screws.


Solutions for Stuck Screws:
There are two ways that you can loosen stuck rail screws using tools that you may have on hand:
  1. The first way requires a T30 Torx socket and a socket wrench. Using this combination provides much greater torque onto the screw head and should loosen it easily.
  2. The second way requires a T30 Torx bit and an electric drill. In this method you tighten the bit into the drill and use the drill as a wrench. Do not turn the drill on. Loosen the bolt by hand turning the drill as you would a wrench.

If you don’t have these tools on hand please contact *Schneider Electric Tech Support to RMA p/n 0M-5383. This is a T-handle combination Torx tool. It provides more torque than the included L-shaped tool, but not as much as the methods outlined above. The 0M-5383 can be used as a Torx screwdriver or T-handle wrench. To loosen stuck screws you should use the tool as a T-handle wrench.

If you need to replace any damaged screws please contact *Schneider Electric Tech Support to RMA p/n 803-8008A.

Note: you will need the model number and serial number of the cabinet in order to process an RMA. These can be found inside the rear doors on the upper frame.
Please have this information ready when you contact your local *Schneider Electric Tech Support.

*Contact information can be found in the Owner's Manual or online at www.apc.com under Support.

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