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Steps to take when moving a Symmetra Power Array from one location to another


A Symmetra Power Array must be moved from one location to another; are there any recommendations on how this should be done?

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Symmetra Power Array


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The following guidelines may be used if the needs of the user change and the system must be relocated.


When moving a Symmetra Power Array, certain precautions need to be taken. When you first receive your Symmetra Power Array, it is recommended in the "Symmetra User's Manual" (Chapter 3, "Unpacking and Installing Frame) to hold on to all shipping material at least temporarily in case you need to either send any components back to the APC or if you plan on moving your UPS in the future.

Before moving the Symmetra Power Array, you will need to properly shutdown all connected loads and then Power Down the Symmetra itself (this procedure is also in the Symmetra User Manual in the "Safety Information" section). Once the connected load and system is powered down, be sure to have a Qualified Electrician disconnect the Input and Output Wiring (if need be) on the UPS.

During the moving process be sure to remove ALL Power Modules and Battery Modules. The SYMIM (Main Intelligence Module) and SYRIM (Redundant Intelligent Module) can remain in the Symmetra Frame during shipping as long as the two securing thumbscrews are fastened prior to shipment. Due to the fact that the North American Symmetra Power Array has an Isolation Transformer built into the frame, the Symmetra MUST be shipped in an upright position.

APC is not liable for any damage done to either the Symmetra Modules or the Symmetra Frame as a result of the moving process.

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