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NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 Modbus Register Map Detail for MM_SENSOR_1_DISCRETE_STATE register/data point

Published date: 17 July 2020


The NetBotz 250 Modbus Register Map references this FAQ article to further explain the possible responses/ENUM for the following register/data point:

Product Line
  • NetBotz
    • ​NetBotz Rack Monitor 250

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions
  • Modbus TCP/serial users


This article will provide additional information and detail for Modbus users.


Within the NetBotz 250 Register Map, discrete (state) sensors refer back to MM_SENSOR_1_DISCRETE_STATE as needed to provide what possible responses may exist. Modbus responses of 1 and 0 may refer to different discrete sensor states depending on sensor type. The below information clarifies what is mentioned in the NetBotz 250 Register Map document.


The following responses are supported for MM_SENSOR_1_DISCRETE_STATE:
  • 0 = Open (Low)
  • 1 = Closed (High)
  • 2 = Not Connected

The above possible responses will also be used by the following supported sensor types for MM_SENSOR_1_DISCRETE_STATE:
  • Smoke (NBES0307) - 0 = No Smoke, 1 = Smoke Detected, 2 = Not Connected
  • Fluid (NBES0301) - 0 = No fluid, 1 = Fluid Fetected, 2 = Not Connected
  • Vibration (NBES0306) - 0 = No Vibration, 1 = Vibration Detected, 2 = Not Connected

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