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The Right Gaming Gear Avoids Unwarranted Penalties



50 SR points loss
10 minutes to season ban

League of Legends®

3-10 league points loss
10-20 minutes ban


Increase in Offensive Level
30 minutes – 7 days ban

UPS is short for uninterruptible power supply and serves one main purpose, back up gaming power with surge protection. A UPS will instantly send power to your Xbox, PlayStation, and PC when your home loses power and defends against unsafe levels of electricity that could irreversibly damage your expensive gaming equipment.

A UPS is an essential piece of gaming gear that will protect your gaming setup from damages and unexpected disconnect so you have time to save your game or finish your online match to avoid drop-out penalties.

Unleash Gaming Power, During Blackouts



A gaming battery backup protects your expensive and valuable gaming system from more than 7 different types of power disturbances.


After safely shutting down your game, a gaming UPS will continue to power your router and/or modem enabling you to stay online and play mobile games or even stream movies.

In The Game

Power Out? Don’t worry. Stay in the game to finish your match or boss fight and reap the rewards you otherwise would have lost.

Gaming Gear Designed By The Most Trusted Brand, APC

APC had been protecting gamers for over 30 years. Join fellow gamers to power your gaming gear with the fuel it deserves. Level up your gaming system to have backup gaming power so a blackout won't stop you from winning.

Back-UPS Pro

Recruit a new ally for your team today, the APC Back-UPS Pro. Don’t get caught in a power surge without a Back-UPS Pro providing battery backup gaming power and powerful surge protection for your valuable Gaming PC, Console, and TVs/monitors. When the lights go out, a Back-UPS Pro will light the way to victory.
Defend, power and win. What good is gaming equipment without power? To perform you need the right gaming gear and an APC Gaming UPS is essential because, during your darkest moment, APC offers you Relentless Certainty in a Connected World.
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