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FlexPod with APC by Schneider Electric for Data Centers combines Cisco and NetApp technology to create a secure and scalable adjustable data centre infrastructure solution. The core FlexPod solutions are wrapped in the Schneider Electric APC physical infrastructure, coupled and paired with StruxureWare for Data Centers (DCIM) management software to create an efficient and ready-to-deploy data centre module.

FlexPod with APC Schneider Electric delivers a cloud-enabled, predictable, flexible and dynamic managed solution, perfectly designed for single architecture data centres. These APC data centre infrastructure components, together with FlexPod’s Cisco and NetApp hardware, create a converged, pre-tested and fully optimised solution that allows customers to:

  • Significantly reduce deployment cycles, with carefully matched, fully pre-tested hardware solutions 
  • Specify a scalable, simplified hardware deployment strategy, reducing equipment proliferation within the data centre 
  • Maximise[s] manageability by integrating APC hardware monitoring and management tools with the Cisco and NetApp hardware platform 
  • Have a highly flexible, energy efficient, easy to manage hardware platform suitable for a wide range of software application deployments 
  • Rapidly deploy full rack-based hardware solutions through a range of carefully selected, reliable APC data centre infrastructure applications

Specific APC products included are:

  • NetShelter Rack System with built-in Cable & Air-Flow Management, designed for easy installation, integrated power distribution and maximised airflow.  
  • Power Distribution with APC Switched Rack PDUs integrated with Cisco EnergyWise Software to enable advanced, user-customisable power control and active monitoring 
  • APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 570 to provide security with a performance and environmental system monitoring for network closets to data centres, with space for up to 4 external camera pods, 12 sensor pods and up to 78 Universal Sensors.  
  • APC by Schneider Electric StruxureWare Data Center Expert and Data Center Operation software to provide real-time environmental monitoring with an instant overview of data centre operations.

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