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PowerChute Network Shutdown – Hosts fail to enter maintenance mode when vSphere Clustering Service (vCLS) is enabled
Configure a 0 second duration for VM Shutdown and VM Startup for the Un-prioritized group.
PowerChute Network Shutdown does not proceed with VM Startup after powering on the vCenter Server VM
Cause: This can occur when some vCenter Services are unable to start.
Nutanix AHV: Prioritized VMs with 0 second Startup Duration are powered on
... cleared and PowerChute starts powering on VMs, any prioritized VMs with a 0 second Startup Duration are initially skipped and later powered on.
With VM Startup enabled, PowerChute Network Shutdown Fails to Restart a Fault Tolerant VM that it shut down.
None. When vCenter Server becomes accessible, PowerChute will be able to identify the primary VM and issue a startup command to it.
Output relay state upon boot up of a Netbotz version 3 appliance.
Relays have a default state defined at startup .
Video: Manually Operating the APC Symmetra™ PX 250/500 UPS Battery Breaker
Cause: In the event the battery breaker does not automatically close during the startup of the ups you may need to manually close it.
Configure virtual machine shutdown on standalone VMware ESX and ESXi hosts protected by PowerChute.
You can use the "Virtual Machine Startup /Shutdown" feature of ESXi and ESX to gracefully shutdown VMs when the host is commanded ...
Why does my Smart-UPS 15k/20k indicate "System failure Detected by Surveillance"?
It may sometimes be caused by improper wiring during a startup , but can also appear during normal operation.
Start Up Procedure for Silcon dp300e UPS Products
Silcon, startup procedure, how to startup my Silcon UPS, dp300e, how to start my UPS, How to start a Silcon
PowerChute Virtual Machine priority list does not display VMs for Standalone Hosts
In a configuration that only includes a standalone host use the Automatic VM Startup /Shutdown feature to control the order that VMs are shutdown ...

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