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A-link terminators should be used with NetBotz 750/755

NetBotz 750/755 require A-link terminators.

Product Line:

NetBotz 5.x

NetBotz 750 / 755 devices as well as A-link pods and A-link sensors ship with 1 A-link terminator. The terminator is required to reduce potential data collisions on the A-link bus. A number of different issues can occur if they are not used including but not limited to incorrect readings or even lost communications with pods or sensors.

When using the NBRK0750 which has 2 A-link ports, the configuration should be as follows:
1: No pods - terminator in top port
2: Pods in 1 chain (either port) - terminator at end of chain. Terminator in open port
3: pods in 2 chains - terminate both chains

When using the NBWL0755, the configuration should be:
1: No Pods - No A-link terminator should be put in the A-link port.
2: Pods in chain - Terminator at end of A-link chain.

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