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NetBotz 250 | Adjusting Temperature/Humidity Sensor Thresholds

Process for adjusting sensor thresholds on the NetBotz 250.

Product Line:
NetBotz 250 (NB250)

NetBotz 250 (all versions)
Universal Sensors (Temperature, Humdity, etc)


Adjusting Wired Temperature/Humidity Sensor Thresholds
1) Log into the NetBotz 250 web interface.
2) Configuration Menu > Device > Wired Sensor > Temperature & Humidity
3) Click on the Name of the sensor.
4) Click on the Threshold Settings link to adjust: Maximum, High, Low, Minimum, or Hystersis.
Click on the Rate of Change Settings link to adjust the short term and long term increasing/decreasing thresholds.
5) Adjust the Thresholds and click Apply.

A similar process can be followed for all other sensor types: Dry Contact Inputs, Smoke, Vibration, Fluid Detector, & Door Sensors.  Wireless Sensor thresholds can be adjusted using a similar process under Configuration > Device > Wireless Sensor Network.
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