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Can Data Center Expert post to a syslog server?

DCE compatibility with syslog servers

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A customer may want to direct system logs for Data Center Expert on a log server.


As of Data Center Expert version 8.1.0 event log messages can now be forwarded to a Syslog server. Go to System > Server Administration Settings > Syslog Configuration to enable Syslog integration and configure settings. All the data in the event log messages are transmitted over Syslog, including usernames, email addresses, and information about share locations.

•    Note: Syslog functionality may differ depending on the Syslog server being used.
Enable Syslog integrationCheck to forward event log messages to an external Syslog server.
Syslog server addressSpecify the hostname or IP address of the Syslog server.
PortSpecify the port for the Syslog server, 514 by default.
Message formatSpecify the message format for the Syslog server, RFC_3164 by default.
FacilitySpecify the facility for the Syslog server, AUDIT by default.
TimeoutHow long the server will wait to connect to the Syslog server, 5 seconds by default.
Maximum retriesThe number of times the server will attempt to connect to the Syslog server, 2 by default.
Apply and TestClick to to apply settings to your DCE server. Check the destination Syslog server to verify your configuration.

You can also point the individual network management cards to a syslog server.  It is possible to perform a mass configuration through Data Center Expert. http://www.schneider-electric.us/support/index?page=content&country=US&lang=EN&locale=en_US&id=FA316801
Here you can add a syslog server IP and port for your appliances.  For detailed information on each appliance, please contact the respective device support.

You can also individually configure NetBotz V3 (discontinued) devices to post directly to syslog under the "Log" option in NetBotz Advanced View.

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