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Can depth extenders such as ACDC2551 be added to the rear of a 1200mm deep cabinet?

The NetShelter Compatibility Chart refers to this FAQ. 

Product Line: 
NetShelter SX

All models, all serial numbers. 

Extra depth may be required, even on the 1200mm deep cabinets. 

The ACDC2551 and other depth extenders were originally designed to be installed on the 1070mm deep cabinets to make them flush with 1200mm deep cabinets, so they're marked on the NetShelter Compatibility Chart as being compatible with the 1070mm deep cabinets only, but they can be installed onto a 1200mm deep cabinet. The depth extender adds depth only, not mounting rail depth. They are not load bearing. 
Deeper custom cabinets will have mounting rail capability for the full depth. See page 17 of the attached file "NetShelter ATO Custom Cabinet and PDU Brochure", or use this link: https://www.apc.com/us/en/prod_docs/results.cfm?DocType=Brochure&Query_Type=3&Value=588 

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