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​PowerChute Business Edition - Supported UPS Models

There are two new categories to consider when manually selecting a UPS during PowerChute Business Edition installation.

Product Line:
PowerChute Business Edition version 9.5 and higher

All supported operating systems 

Updates to the PowerChute Business Edition v9.5+ installation process.


During installation of PowerChute Business Edition v9.2.1 and earlier, PowerChute asks you to check the monitoring ports on the back of the UPS (DB9 or RJ45) to determine the type of UPS that you want to manage.
From PowerChute Business Edition v9.5+, you are instead asked to select your UPS from a list of UPS model prefixes (e.g. SMT, SMX, SMC, SU etc.).
Depending on your UPS model the model and serial numbers are printed on the bar code label at the back of your UPS. Some rack mount Smart-UPS have the bar code label behind the front bezel of the UPS. 
Bar Code Sticker.png
All supported UPS models are categorized into two types:
  • Type A - Smart-UPS models with prefix SMT, SMX, SURTD, SRT, SMTL, SCL, SMC, and SRTL (including models SRC2KUXI, SRC3KUXI, and SRC3KUXIX709)
  • Type B - Smart-UPS excluding UPS models with prefix SMT, SMX, SURTD, SRT, SMTL, SCL, SMC, and SRTL
If you are not sure to which category your UPS belongs, check the table below for the latest models:
Type A UPSType B UPS
SMXSUA (including C500J)
SRC models:
  • SRC3KUXIX709
Any SRC model, excluding those listed under Type A.

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