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What alarms can be automatically reset on a High Capacity Uniflair Unit

This article contains what alarms can be automatically reset on a High Capacity Uniflair Unit.

Product line:
High capacity Models 4500/5000.

All Serial Numbers.



The Automatic Reset allows the unit to clear the alarm and continue operation if the alarm condition is no longer present.

• High/Low Temperature Threshold Exceeded

• High/Low Humidity Threshold Exceeded

• Supply Air Temperature Threshold Exceeded

• High/Low Airflow

• Humidifier

• Smoke Detected

• Electric Heater Over Temperature

• Electronic Expansion Valve Error

• Low Pressure

• Circuit 1 Chilled Water High Temperature Threshold Exceeded

• Circuit 1 Chilled Water Temperature too High for Dehumidification

• Insufficient Chilled Water Flow

• Primary/Secondary Power Source Unavailable

• Dual Circuit Expansion Board Error Detected

• Digital 2/4/6 Input Abnormal

• External Sensor Threshold Exceeded

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