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What is meant by ‘flooding’ with Air Conditioners?

What is meant by ‘flooding’?

Product line:
All A/C Units with Compressors.

All Serial Numbers.

Troubleshooting the cause of flooding.

Flooding (also known as ‘flood back’) is the term used to describe the condition when Liquid refrigerant reaches the compressor. This occurs when the amount of liquid fed to the evaporator is more than can be evaporated (low superheat).Subcooling is also a term used to idenify refrigerant levels.
Flood back of refrigerant to the compressor (low superheat) is defined as liquid refrigerant reaching the compressor. There are a number of possible causes of flooding including:
• TXV oversized for the application.
• TXV misadjusted (superheat too low).
• System overcharged with refrigerant.
• Insufficient airflow through evaporator.
• Dirty evaporator.
• Evaporator fans not operating.
• TXV bulb not properly attached.
• Power head of TXV is damaged.

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