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PCNS log filling with "module added" and "module removed" events when in use with a single phase Symmetra


PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) event logs may be filled with erroneous messages when using a Symmetra Power Array or Symmetra RM.

Product Line

Symmetra Power Array
Symmetra RM


SYMIM2 or SYMIM3 running firmware under version 135.


After installing and lunching PowerChute Network Shutdown, the PCNS event log fills with "module added", or "module removed" type messages. Under normal conditions the PCNS log will usually record this event once or twice when it first establishes communication with a Symmetra. But, if this event is filling the PCNS log and appears erroneous the firmware on the MIM must be checked.  This behavior was observed in SYMIM2 and SYMIM3 with firmware revisions under 135.


Obtain a new intelligence module.  This issue was resolved with a minimum firmware of 135 on the main intelligence module (either SYMIM2 and SYMIM3).  All currently released intelligence modules sold by APC by Schneider Electric run a firmware revision greater than 135.

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