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    Cơ hội cuối nhận chiết khấu

    Hành động ngay để tham gia Cuộc đổi mới cùng APC và nhận chiết khấu - thời gian không còn nhiều nữa!

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    Partner with APC and Grow!

    You, too, can deliver Certainty in a Connected World.

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    A New APC Channel Partner Portal is Coming!

    More efficient and intuitive access to profitable incentives, training & support, product information, tools, and more.

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    Guide to data center planning

    We have put together practical steps that include clear methodologies, at-a-glance calculators and tools, and a comprehensive library of reference designs to simplify and shorten your planning process.

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    Partnership, evolved

    Meet your growing needs by exploring the new redesigned Partner Portal

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    Still managing Windows 2003 end of life?

    Upgrade your UPS

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  • Two men reviewing data on the computer screen, energy managment

    Is your data safe?

    Make certain with APC Battery Back-UPS Battery protection for peace of mind

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    Protect your mission-critical IT Network

    Smart-UPS Network Edge

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