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End of Life Product

Discontinuance announcement for Back-UPS Pro BR1000G, BR1300G, and BR1500G in U.S and Canada

Back-UPS Pro

The Back-UPS Pro BR1000G, BR1300G and BR1500G will be discontinued and have been or will be replaced by the Back-UPS Pro BR1000MS, BR1350MS and BR1500MS. The new models have similar functionality and performance with the addition of new features like Sinewave, a bigger LCD display, USB charging ports, 1Gb dataline protection, and more back up outlets. Quantities of BR1000G, BR1300G and BR1500G are limited to existing inventory for as long as supplies last. Please see Back UPS PRO refresh announcement for additional information on the new skus.

Back-UPS Pro - APC
Part Number: BR1000G, BR1300G, BR1500G

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