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    Get the new Smart-UPS with Lithium-Ion battery technology before anyone else does, and lower your Total Cost of Ownership with hassle-free battery maintenance!

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  • What makes it unique?

    Unlike traditional lead acid battery UPS alternatives, APC Smart-UPS with Lithium-Ion battery technology is ideal for distributed IT environments for edge computing and Industrial IoT applications. 

    Advantages include:

    • Doubling your UPS battery lifecycle
    • Lowering your TCO by up to 35%
    • Reducing battery weight by 30%
    • Offering flexible remote UPS management options

Computer technician using digital tablet performing maintenance check of mainframe equipment

Ask yourself four questions:

  • Are you tired of battery replacement needs?
  • Have you encountered unexpected battery failures?
  • Are you ready to lower your Total Cost of Ownership?
  • Have you noticed significant runtime degradation over time or due to high temperatures?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, connect with APC to learn more about Smart UPS with Lithium-Ion battery technology.

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APC Li-Ion is Safe

APC works with industry leading battery manufacturers and integrators for Smart-UPS with Lithium-Ion solutions. The Lithium-Ion battery packs have passed strict certifications and testing with built-in battery monitoring systems (BMS) to give you peace of mind.

APC Li-Ion Reduces TCO

When you factor in battery replacement and labor costs over a 10-year period, Smart-UPS with Lithium-Ion battery technology can lower your Total Cost of Ownership by up to 35% compared with a Single Phase UPS with Lead Acid battery.

APC Li-Ion Has Scalable Runtime

Additional external Lithium-Ion battery packs can be added to increase runtime based on your business needs.