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How do I configure a 208v SmartupS RT for use with a 240v input?


How do I configure a 208v SmartupS RT for use with a 240v input?

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Smart-UPS RT


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Smart-UPS RT units are factory configured for 208v in/out.

The Smart UPS RT line has a very broad range of acceptable input voltages, and as such you do not need to do anything on the input side. By default the unit will accept the 240v input but continue to provide 208v output.

In order to avoid a sudden voltage shift in the event that the UPS goes to bypass it is recommended to configure the UPS output to match the UPS input.

This can be done via a Hyper terminal session, or more commonly using the Network Management Card interface. From within the Network Management Card web interface you would select the UPS tab. On the UPS tab we would select Configuration and then Power. Here we choose 240 VAC output and click Apply. The UPS will now output 240v.

Please note that this is an unbalanced output with no neutral provided. If you need 120 v for your equipment you will still need to use a stepdown transformer.

The Stepdown Transformer must allow for 240v input, such as the SURT003 or APTF10KT01.

The AP9626, AP9627, and AP9628 would not be appropriate as they are designed for 208v input only.

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