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1 Kayıt Bulundu | Oct-2018 Duyurular
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SurgeArrest Home/Office 1 Outlet Wall Tap 230V Black (PM1WB-GR)

SurgeArrest Home/Office

The new APC SurgeArrest Home / Office 1 outlet Black is a new simplified design with quality features and the legendary reliability of APC by Schneider Electric. This launch includes a 1 outlet product suited for the home/office user. This product provide protection from lightning, surges and spikes. Lightning and power surges can destroy unprotected electronic equipment. Voltage fluctuations can cause keyboard lockups, loss of work and will degrade electronics over time. The new APC SurgeArrest PM1 series is guaranteed to protect your home and office electronics from the constant threat of dangerous power disturbances.

SurgeArrest Home/Office - APC
Parça Numarası: PM1WB-GR

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