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New Product

UPS NMC 2 Firmware v6.5.0 - issue with DCE connectivity fixed

Firmware Upgrades

UPS Network Management Card 2 Firmware Update v6.5.0 primarily addresses a customer reported issue related to DCE connectivity where in on upgrade to firmware v6.4.6, SNMP v3 communication between StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE) and the Network Management Card would fail, resulting in the card going offline. In addition, it was observed that with some of the factory set model numbers not all functionalities were properly supported in the Network Management Card, which is fixed with this firmware update. Download the UPS Network Management Card 2 Firmware v6.5.0 (SFSUMX650, SFSY650 and language packs) from www.apc.com/tools/download now

Part Number: SFSUMX650, SFSUMX650LP1, SFSUMX650LP2, SFSY650, SFSY650LP1, SFSY650LP2
New Product

Netshelter CX High Security Handle Adaptor Kit

NetShelter CX

Modification of the Netshelter CX High Security Handle Adaptor Kit to accomodate new handle that is supplied as part of the Netbotz Rack Access Kit. The NetShelter CX High Security Handle Adapter Kit is a user fitted accessory which will increase the security of the NetShelter CX when used with 'APC combination lock handles' or 'NetBotz Access Control'. When fitted with 'NetBotz Access Control' it will enable remote and local access control The Handle Adapter Kit consists of door brackets which replaces the originally installed handles on NetShelter CX. One kit is needed per NetShelter CX. Compatible with all generations of NetShelter CX 18U, 24U & 38U - this Kit can be retro-fitted to NetShelter CX already in the field, or to newly purchased units

NetShelter CX - APC
Part Number: AR4602A

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