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What is the Dynamic Load rating for NetShelter CX cabinets?

A customer needs to know how much weight they can load into the CX and move it. 

Product Line:
NetShelter CX

All versions and serial ranges.

A customer wants to load the cabinet and move it. 


First, we need to define Dynamic Load Rating: 
Dynamic Load Weight Rating is the maximum rolling load of the cabinet. This is the maximum allowable weight of equipment installed in the cabinet during movement from one location to another within the same data center. This assumes level flooring on a smooth surface. Carpet is not a smooth surface.
Dynamic Load is often confused with Shipping Load. These two ratings are different and care should be taken to distinguish between them.
In conjunction with the cabinet rating, the applicable ratings of any raised floor or other flooring installed in the data center should not be exceeded.
Example: a customer who wishes to move a cabinet from one row to another in a data center must remove equipment until the weight is equal to (or below) the Dynamic Load Rating before being moved.  
Model  Dynamic Load 
AR4000MV 458.5 lbs
  208 kgs
AR4018A /AR4018IA 970 lbs
  441 kgs
AR4024A / AR4024IA  928 lbs
  422 kgs
AR4038A / AR4038IA 845 lbs
  384 kgs
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