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Setup Tips for NetBotz Central 2.x


Setup Tips for NetBotz Central 2.x

Product Line:

NetBotz Central


NetBotz Central version 2.x


Configuration suggestions.


Once NetBotz Central is up and running on the network and login with the NetBotz Central Console and complete the following steps:

  • Ensure all Network Settings are properly configured on NetBotz Central
    Tools -> Server Administration -> Network Settings
  • Configure the Server Options (location/locale)
    Tools -> Server Administration -> Server Options
  • Configure email settings
    Tools -> Server Administration -> Email Settings
  • Configure time settings (set clock and NTP info)
    Tools -> Server Administration -> Time Configuration
  • Change default password for root user
    Tools -> Server Administration -> Server Security
  • Change default password for netbotz user (Console)
    Tools -> Server Administration -> User/Group Administration

Once NetBotz Central is fully configured, appliances can be “added”. There are two methods:
  • Add each appliance manually by entering the appliances IP address or host name
  • Configure NetBotz Central to discover the appliances. Basically you configure NetBotz Central to scan a range of IP addresses.

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