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Customer Service

For all other non-technical inquiries, such as price and availability, order status or tracking.
Agents available Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST

Corporate Headquarters

1000 NW 57th Ct. 
suite # 980
Miami FL 33126

Call: +1 305 266 5005 ext 35037 Call: +1 401-789-5735

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You are interested in purchasing APC products

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Government & Education

You need purchasing information government or education organizations.

Partners & Resellers

You need support or are not sure if your company is a partner

Call: +1 305 266 5005 ext 35037 Call:+1 401-789-5735 Email

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Locate an APC trained reseller for more product and application knowledge

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Battery Sales

You need to replace the battery on your UPS.

Call: +1 305 266 5005 ext 35037 Call: +1 401-789-5735 Email

Service Sales Support

You own an APC product and would like to buy services for it.

Call: +1 305 266 5005 Call: +1 401-789-5735 Email Services Selector

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Call Tech Support - Our tech support agents can help you with technical questions. Please have your model and serial numbers available.

Press Contact: Manuel Gonzalez


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