For Aquarium Backup Power: Choose an APC Smart-UPS®

Public utility voltages fluctuate, a surge here, a brownout there.  The APC unit evens out electrical flow so that even sensitive electronics don’t experience variation. The Smart-UPS® series is recommended for aquarium use because our pumps are not built to run at reduced voltage, ...and the XL series provides extended run time.”

— Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D., “APC Automatic Backup System,”
Aquarium & Fish Monthly, March 1998

Protect Your Finned friends with an APC Smart-UPS®

• Battery Back Up For Diverse Power Conditions:

APC recommends its Smart-UPS® family of products for aquarium protection. In addition to detecting and compensating for surges and over-voltages, Smart-UPS senses dips in power or blackouts and smoothly switches the aquarium systems to battery.

• Pure Sine Wave Output for Motors:

Although some filter and aerator motors do not require Pure Sine Wave power to function properly, most do. APC Smart-UPS (models 700 and greater) provide Pure Sine Wave power output. Other UPSs use a Stepped-Approximated Sine Wave output appropriate for computer-type loads. Incorrect power output can result in motors running slowly, erratically, or not at all when the UPS is on battery.

• UPS Status at a Glance:

Smart-UPS also features an informative LED display to provide the UPS’s status.
This display shows:
• the approximate percentage of UPS capacity being drawn by the load,
• when the UPS is correcting over-voltage or low voltage conditions,
• when the UPS is letting utility power through,
• battery condition and battery replacement status and,
• other UPS monitoring options

• Longer Run Time:

With Smart-UPS XL models, extra battery packs are available for longer run times. Although most power outages last less than an hour, these models can be expanded with up to ten additional battery packs for days or weeks of power backup.

• Protection for Your Life-Sustaining Equipment:

Plug only life-sustaining equipment into the UPS: filters, aerators, and heaters. Filters and aerators typically draw relatively little power. Omit the heaters if you can, because they might draw a lot of power. If a heater is needed for temperature-sensitive livestock, go ahead and plug it into the UPS. Heaters usually come on only intermittently and will not quickly drain the battery.  For the short term, it may not be necessary to plug in other high power draw items like lights.

Need Help Determining What Size You Need? First, determine the power draw of all the equipment to be attached to the UPS. To do so, add together the draw of each device using either watts or amps. (Don’t mix watts and amps. Use one or the other.)  Then, sizing assistance is available at in the “Express UPS Selector “ section or you can call APC customer support at the number listed below.

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