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PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.x fails to connect to vCenter Server or ESXi hosts to perform shutdown.

PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.x fails to shutdown the vCenter Server VM or ESXi hosts when using a local account.

This issue manifests itself as follows when attempting to shut down ESXi hosts during a shut down sequence as seen in the PowerChute error log.

19-05-18 10:44:38,096 ERROR Thread-40 com.apcc.m11.components.WebServer.util.virtualization.VMWareConnection - Unable to log directly into host (NoPermission or InvalidLogin):

19-05-18 10:44:38,096 DEBUG Thread-40 com.apcc.m11.components.WebServer.util.virtualization.VMWareConnection - com.vmware.vim25.InvalidLogin

Product Line:
PowerChute Network Shutdown versions 4.x

All support OS configured with VMware vCenter Server and ESXi host/s. 

PowerChute attempts to log in with lower case user name

User created in ESXi host and entered in PowerChute as PCNSUSER
When PowerChute contacts the host it enters pcnsuser
The user is rejected since the ESXi host is expecting PCNSUSER (all upercase letters). 

Create user in the host/s with lower case letters. 
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