Prefabricated Power Module 750kW 480V/60Hz with Galaxy VX

Prefabricated Power Module 750kW 480V/60Hz with Galaxy VX


Description: Integrated UPS, switchgear and management software in a weather proof enclosure, optimized for scalable data center power

Includes : User Manual

Prefabricated Power Module 750kW 480V/60Hz with Galaxy VX

Includes: User Manual

PFMPE0750NAVX Features

Prefabricated Power Module 750kW 480V/60Hz with Galaxy VX

  • Input power factor correction
    Minimizes installation costs by enabling the use of smaller generators and cabling.
  • Scalable for capacity or redundancy
    Provides N+1 redundancy without sacrificing load capacity; cabinets can be added after initial installation.
  • Scalable power capacity
    Reduces UPS over-sizing costs today by allowing quick power upgrades, within the same footprint, later.

Enclosed Power Module Features & Benefits

  • Simple and Fast Deployment
    Prefabricated Data Center Modules arrive on site ready to deploy which significantly reduces installation time and cost.
  • Scalable and Flexible
    Prefabricated modules inherently allow for scalable growth of IT infrastructure and the flexibility to adjust the design and size of future phases of deployment. Capital investments can be deferred, improving cash flow.
  • Pre-engineered and Factory Assembled
    Prefabricated Modules are designed and built to precise specifications in a controlled factory environment and utilize DCIM software which results in improved reliability and a more predictably performing data center.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

Canada , United States

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  • Max Configurable Power (Watts)
    750.0 KWatts / 750.0 kVA
  • Nominal Output Voltage
    480V 3PH
  • Configured Power
    750.0 KWatts / 750.0 kVA


  • Nominal Input Voltage
    480V 3PH
  • Input frequency
    60 Hz - programmable +/- 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8%
  • Input Power

Batteries & Runtime

  • Battery type


  • Maximum Height
    120.0inches ( 3048mm , 304.8CM )
  • Maximum Width
    118.2inches ( 3002mm , 300.2CM )
  • Maximum Depth
    540.0inches ( 13716mm , 1371.6CM )
  • Net Weight
    70000.0lbs. ( 31751.44KG )
  • Shipping weight
    48000.0lbs. ( 21772.42KG )
  • Shipping Height
    124.0inches ( 3150mm , 315.0CM )
  • Shipping Width
    120.0inches ( 3048mm , 304.8CM )
  • Shipping Depth
    548.0inches ( 13919mm , 1391.9CM )
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