Service Plans

Comprehensive service packages that allow you to design the coverage you need to operate your solution efficiently, minimize downtime and manage costs.

When it comes to maintaining and operating your mission-critical infrastructure, your primary concern is keeping it operating at maximum effiiciency and optimal performance. A Schneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Services service plan, customized to your unique business needs, is the answer.

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Products Part Number Price
Advantage MAX Service Plan WADVMAX -- Call for Availability
Single Phase Service Advantage Plan WADVPLN1P -- Call for Availability
Advantage Plus Service Plan WADVPLUS -- Call for Availability
Advantage Ultra Service Plan WADVULTRA -- Call for Availability
Fleet Management Service for Single Phase UPS WQ1PSVCMNGMT -- Call for Availability
Experienced Certified Field Service Engineer Our factory trained Field Service Engineers are rigorously trained and tested on how to efficiently service our products, as well as on safety practices and electrical codes, offering our customers the highest level of service available in the industry today.
Flexible on site response times Choose an on site response time that best meets your business requirements and budget
Environmental inspection In order to ensure that your system is installed in a suitable environment for optimal functionality, we will inspect the site for conditions that might damage your system, such as excessive heat or humidity.
Parts included or available at a discount Replacements parts & components are included or available at a discount. Please see the statement of work for service specifics.
Service Summary Report Provides a detailed report of work performed including recommendations for service to ensure optimal performance
Labor and travel expenses included Travel and labor expenses are included in most service contracts. Please see the statement of work for the service specifics.
Technical support Our experienced technical support engineers are available to answer your questions, giving you peace of mind knowing the help you need is there when you need it.
Onsite diagnoistics & repair While on site our Certified Field Service Engineers will diagnose, repair and test the unit to ensure optimal performance

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