Network Integration Services

Services for migration, consolidation and optimization of IT equipment and cabling in new or existing data centers, server rooms or network closets.

From server migration and cable management to software installation and configuration, APC Global Services Network Integration Engineers can assist in all tasks associated with your move to a new system. Allowing us to help plan rack configuration and perform the actual server migration and cable management, will ensure your solution is configured for optimal airflow and performance. Having your APC management software installed by our APC Certified Software Engineers will ensure proper integration into your existing monitoring system, letting you monitor your network the way you need to.

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Products Part Number Price
Custom Netbotz Installation, Cable Infrastructure Installation, or Server Migration QWNET-MISC -- Call for Availability
IT Cable Management WITC -- Call for Availability
WITSC - Server Migration and Cable Management WITSC -- Call for Availability
7 x 24 off-hours service scheduling If you are like most businesses, you want your systems up and running during your busiest hours. In order to accommodate your busy schedule, APC offers an option to schedule services off hours. We will work with you to find a time when servicing your system is least likely to impact your productivity, saving your business time and money.
APC certified software engineer Our Professional Services Engineers are thoroughly trained and tested on all APC software, ensuring your system will be configured for maximum efficiency.
Labor and travel expenses included Travel and labor expenses are included in most service contracts. Please see the statement of work for the service specifics.

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