Refresh-UPS Galaxy 3500 20kVA 208V,2 batt Mods Expandable to 4,Start-up , RMS and 2 Yrs Service


Refresh-UPS Galaxy 3500 20kVA 208V,2 batt Mods Expandable to 4,Start-up , RMS and 2 Yrs Service


Description: Services designed to ensure your aging infrastructure is operating at peak performance
Refresh-UPS Galaxy 3500 20kVA 208V,2 batt Mods Expandable to 4,Start-up , RMS and 2 Yrs Service

WG35T20KF2B4SRUPS Features

Refresh-UPS Galaxy 3500 20kVA 208V,2 batt Mods Expandable to 4,Start-up , RMS and 2 Yrs Service

  • 24-hour monitoring
    Experienced remote monitoring professionals work non-stop to provide 24-hour monitoring of the company's physical infrastructure. As a second set of eyes, they help to diagnose problems before they become critical.
  • Annual site visit
    Annual Site visit helps assure your system will perform to the manufacturer specifications. Available on 3 phase and cooling products.
  • Free firmware upgrades
    Part of maintaining your system is ensuring the unit is operating with the most recent firmware version. Firmware upgrades are provided at no extra charge. All Preventive Maintenance contracts include free firmware upgrades.
  • Labor and travel expenses included
    Travel and labor expenses are included in most service contracts. Please see the statement of work for the service specifics.
  • Parts included or available at a discount
    Replacements parts & components are included or available at a discount. Please see the statement of work for service specifics.
  • Secured monitoring
    Monitoring is achieved via firewall-friendly, outgoing communications. Access to the customer network is not required.
  • Service Summary Report
    Provides a detailed report of work performed including recommendations for service to ensure optimal performance
  • Technical support
    Our experienced technical support engineers are available to answer your questions, giving you peace of mind knowing the help you need is there when you need it.

Modernization Services Features & Benefits

  • Refresh UPS service details:
    1. Assessement: Old system and installation assessement, evaluation of current needs & new solution recommendations. 2. A new solution: Overall replacement solution with the latest and most adapted UPS, including advanced operational and diagnostic features, with the best efficiency performance. 3. Installation and startup: Unit startup by a certified Schneider Electric engineer; Basic operator training for key staff during stratup on the chosen solution; Electrical installation of new solution (optional). 4. Comprehensive service: Comprehensive system support, including parts, labor, and next business day response time; Access to Schneider latest Remote Monitoring and phone technical support. 5. Environmentally compliant removal/disposal: Packaging of obsolete equipment on site; Disposal and recycling of removed equipment; Green disposal.
  • MPRS service details:
    1. Updates to the latest system technologies available. 2. Replacement of critical modular components by our certified technician. 3. Environmentally responsible disposal of old components. 4. One-year Advantage Service Plan.
  • Technical Expertise
    Expertise in building a tailored solution to meet your requirements and budget constraints.
  • Peace of Mind
    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your aging infrastructure is protected and operating at manufacturer's specifications.
  • Reduce Maintenance
    Reduced maintenance and service costs, and higher efficiencies over equipment lifetime.
  • Reduce or Optimize TCO
    Reduce total cost of ownership through upgrades and proactive replacement of parts with MPRS. Or optimize your TCO with a more energy-efficient solution.
  • Reduce downtime risks
    Reduce downtime due to proavtive replacement of wearing components with MPRS. Minimized downtime risks with a new UPS and/or Cooling assets.
  • Enhanced Reliability
    Secure reliability and an extended support life of your system for the years to come.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

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The Schneider Electric Refresh-UPS service (R-UPS) is an ideal solution for customers that need to replace a legacy 3 Phase UPS reaching end of life or end of service life. Rrefresh-UPS will secure your power availability, eliminate potential unplanned maintenance costs, and improve your system’s efficiency. Refresh-UPS provides the peace of mind that results from installing a new system with the latest technology, combined with the Schneider Electric professional start-up and two years all inclusive on-site certified service.
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