Mounting Hardware

Accessories to aid in the installation of rack mount IT equipment and to secure racks into position within an enclosure.

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Mounting hardware includes light and heavy-duty shelves, bolt-down brackets, stabilization plates, grounding kits, keyboard drawers, mounting rails, brackets, and associated hardware.

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Products Part Number Price
Product NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide Recessed Rail Kit Part Number AR7503 Price 147,59 € Call for Availability
1890 272877 1890 272877
Product NetShelter SX 48U 600mm Wide Recessed Rail Kit Part Number AR7504 Price 172,19 €
Product NetShelter SX 42U 750mm Wide Recessed Rail Kit Part Number AR7508 Price 209,09 €
Product NetShelter SX 42U, 23" EIA Mounting Rails, Square Holes Qty. (4) Part Number AR7510 Price 761,37 €
Product NetShelter SX 48U 750mm Wide Recessed Rail Kit Part Number AR7578 Price 221,39 €
Product NetShelter SX 42U/48U Baying Trim Kit Black Part Number AR7600 Price 36,89 €
Product NetShelter SX 600mm/750mm Stabilizer Plate Part Number AR7700 Price 86,09 €
Product NetShelter SX Bolt-Down Kit Part Number AR7701 Price 73,79 €
Product NetShelter Zero U Accessory Mounting Bracket Part Number AR7711 Price 73,79 €
Product 10-32 Hardware Kit Part Number AR8005 Price 73,79 €
Product Equipment Support Rails for NetShelter SX 600mm / SV 600 & 800mm Wide Enclosures Part Number AR8006A Price 86,09 €
Product M6 Hardware Kit Part Number AR8100 Price 61,49 €
Product Fixed Shelf 50lbs/22.7kg Black Part Number AR8105BLK Price 98,39 €
Product Fixed Shelf 250lbs/114kg Black Part Number AR8122BLK Price 159,89 €
Product Sliding Shelf 100lbs/45.5kg Black Part Number AR8123BLK Price 307,49 €
Product 17" Keyboard Drawer Black Part Number AR8126ABLK Price 368,99 €
Product 19" Rotating Keyboard Drawer Black Part Number AR8127BLK Price 564,57 €
Product Sliding Shelf 200lbs/91kg Black Part Number AR8128BLK Price 576,87 €
Product Adapter Kit 23" to 19" Mounting Part Number AR8150BLK Price 73,79 €
Product 12-24 Hardware Kit Part Number AR8400 Price 36,89 €
Product Double Sided Fixed Shelf for 2-Post Rack 250 lbs Black Part Number AR8422 Price 135,29 €
Product Spacer Bracket for 4 Post Racks, 6" Wide (Qty 2) Part Number AR8652 Price 98,39 €

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