Optimize operations through insights via data-driven monitoring for your critical equipment - increasing transparency through live sensor data, predictive analytics and smart alarming delivered directly to your smartphone. Get started for free via

StruxureOn is a vendor-neutral cloud based software that monitors your critical equipment, delivers insights and smart alarming directly to your smartphone – proactively minimizing downtime. Instant access to live sensor data via the mobile app ensures visibility into your asset health and lifecycle, whether on premise or on the go. Machine data forms the basis of long-term operational insights and analytics, aimed at optimizing performance through cost reduction recommendations across the physical and IT layer, resulting in reduced equipment maintenance costs. An affordable 24/7 remote troubleshooting service provides peace of mind and fast issue resolution, enabled by community-based chat with your own team or the Schneider Service Bureau.

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Products Part Number Price
Product StruxureOn License for 1000 Credits Part Number SE1000C-DIGI Price $1,125.00
Product StruxureOn License for 100 Credits Part Number SE100C-DIGI Price $119.99
Product StruxureOn License for 365 Credits Part Number SE365C-DIGI Price $409.00
Product StruxureOn License for 5000 Credits Part Number SE5000C-DIGI Price $5,500.00
Product StruxureOn License for 500 Credits Part Number SE500C-DIGI Price $559.00
StruxureOn report Let us tell you when your fan is about to fail instead of waiting for it to do so. The personalized report provides insights on connected devices, coupled with expert recommendations on how to improve equipment utilization and lifecycle.
Share more to get more Get more value from your data by connecting to the Schneider cloud. Connect one device and you’ll get alarms and analytics from that device. Connect all devices in your data center and you’ll get the predictive analysis – and if you connect all your data centers you’ll be able to benchmark between them, as well as your peers globally.
Proactive service dispatch Physical infrastructure threats can be anticipated, identified and resolved quickly and accurately, and potential onsite support dispatched if required.
Online chat Collaborate through chat with your own team and Schneider Electric NOC staff for quick resolution of a problem.
Staff duty status Immediate overview of who is on duty and who is onsite enables quick response time, removing the need to spend time determining who is available to deal with an incident.
24x7 remote monitoring Alleviates the strain on internal staff by engaging experts to provide 24-hour Service Bureau monitoring of the physical infrastructure, enabling remote troubleshooting for quick resolution of critical incidents.
Incident tracking Incidents are automatically created and tracked, providing easy access to real-time incident status, incident history and chat history between your own team and the Schneider Electric NOC personnel.
Standard & Premium
Multi-vendor equipment support Remove the need for multiple monitoring platforms by managing an extensive range of networked Schneider Electric devices including: 1phase and 3phase UPSs, power distribution units, cooling, environmental and other data center devices. 3rd party devices can be monitored, provided these devices have an IP port with SNMP or Modbus TCP and deliver useful information.
Cyber security A cyber-secure connection provides improved security for your infrastructure devices, and machine data forms the basis of operational insights and analytics, aimed at reducing equipment maintenance costs.
StruxureOn app Fast access to information on critical infrastructure devices, removing the need to access a laptop and log into VPN in order to see what an alarm concerns, and how critical the alarm is – all is available on the smartphone
Alarms on app Customers are immediately notified via Smartphone and/or phone call as critical events occurs, allowing for fast issue resolution and minimized downtime.
Secure encrypted communication All network communication goes through our secure outbound and encrypted gateway. Outbound https connection from gateway to cloud with 2048 bits through port 443.
Live data on app Always connected to your physical infrastructure, showing live sensor data and device details directly on your smartphone.

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